- I had no idea this was about Jesus...
- I’ve always secretly wondered why the goyim believe He’s the Jewish Messiah
- I’m open minded to other beliefs so I thought I would check it out
- I thought there might be a freebie or a coupon or something
- I have a few minutes while I wait for my ...?
- I wanted to see how you twist facts to make people believe he is the Messiah when he is not...
- “Who, did you say Jesus, what is this?”

Of all the achievements in world history by a Jewish person, did you realize that the greatest accomplishment of all is not even mentioned in most Jewish homes? “Wow, you’re finally here, we’ve been waiting for you, no need to kvetch anymore, we’ve got the answer to your problems!” “Jesus was not a Christian, so if you are Jewish, read on, and we will tell you who he said he was.”

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